Writing Rules (Author Guidelines)

Yayın Koşulları ISSN: 2148-7537

1. The journal of İnsan ve insan is published thematically. Each issue of the journal focuses on a specific topic. The papers sent to the journal must be original, which were not published or sent for publishing elsewhere. The papers should not exceed 7,000 words including abstract, footnotes and references.

2. It is assumed that the papers sent to the journal were prepared according to the Journal’s “Ethical Principles and Publication Policy” and subjected to a final control and are ready to be published. Therefore, those papers which violate “Ethical Principles and Publication Policy” or suffer from grammatical errors are not evaluated.

3. The papers reviewed by the editors are sent to the Editorial Board for evaluation. The Editorial Board decides to return the paper or send it to at least two anonymous referees, according to the principle of double-blinded peer-review. In line with the reviews by the editors and the reports from the blind-peer reviewers (referees), the editorial board ultimately decides whether or not the related article is published.

4. Papers must be in Word (Microsoft Office 98 and above versions) format. If pictures, graphs, figures or tables are used in the paper, they must also be sent separately as picture or excel files.

5. The papers sent to the journal can be in Turkish or English.

6. The name(s) of the author(s) must be written under the title. Academic titles are not shown with the names, but referred to as footnote with an asterisk (*). After the title, the institution of the author (university, faculty, department or other) is indicated. The titles other than academic ones cannot be used.

7. The communication information of the author(s) (name, title, institution, open address, phone numbers for easy access, electronic mail addresses, ORCID ID) must be sent to the editors along with the paper.

8. The papers must include Turkish and English abstracts, each between 120-150 words, and 5 keywords. In Turkish papers the Turkish abstract should be on the first page and English title and abstract is located at the end of the page. In English papers, English abstract is located in the first page and Turkish title and abstract is located at the end of the page.

9. Chicago footnote-bibliography reference system should be preferred in the papers sent to the journal (guide for citations and bibliography). In order to get an idea in terms of footnote and bibliography articles in our last issue and rules for writers at the end of the journal can be viewed.

10. “Form of ethical liability declaration” must be filled by the author(s) of accepted papers and sent to the editors via Dergipark system.

11. Papers requiring ethics committee permission: Any research carried out with qualitative or quantitative approaches that require data collection from participants using survey, interview, focus group work, observation, experiment, interview techniques,
– Use of humans and animals (including material / data) for experimental or other scientific purposes,
– Clinical researches on humans,
– Researches on animals,
– Retrospective studies in accordance with the law of protection of personal data,


– In the case reports, it is stated that the “informed consent form” was taken,
– Obtaining and specifying the permission of the owners for the use of scales, surveys and photographs of others,
– Stating that the copyright regulations are complied with for the ideas and works of art used

Ethics committee report or permit documents must be submitted for the researches with the above mentioned qualifications.

12. Policy of screening for plagiarism: Papers submitted to the Journal will be screened for plagiarism through the tools like iThenticate, Turnitin or Plagiarisma (Plagiarism Checker) tool. Similarity rate in research articles must not exceed twenty percent. The papers that are detected to be not original or prepared according to academic ethics are subjected by the editors and rejected immediately.

Paper Specifications and Writing Rules

Guide for citations and bibliography
(See for footnotes-bibliography citation examples.)

Etik sorumluluk beyanı formu
Form of ethical liability declaration
(Download the form and “save as” after filling. E-mail to editor@insanveinsan.org after final checks.)

Etik sorumluluk beyanı formu
Paper evaluation form
(Having a look at the evaluation criteria can be useful and informative for the authors.)