Issue 35-Post-pandemic Society

Issue 35
Topic: Post-pandemic Society
Release Date: January 2023
Submission Date:
 1 October 2022
End: 15 October 2022

Call for Paper

The COVID 19 pandemic, which was detected at the end of 2019, began to lose its influence in mid-2022 in the world. In the few years it was influential, it had a profound effect on all life around the world. It has affected the functioning of socio-cultural, economic and political institutions and structures in many ways. It has caused shocks and changes in many fields and sectors of life, etc., in social relations, education, health, agriculture, environment and working life. Established, habitual ways of living, thinking and behavior in terms of individuals and societies have become questionable. It has created, in almost all areas of life, some temporary, some permanent, some small and some major changes, damages and scars.

This issue aims to make an in-depth assessment of the traces left behind by the pandemic and how life has progressed after the pandemic; it aims to examine how individuals, societies and countries position themselves in terms of personal or structural-institutional levels.

In this context, we would like to evaluate the social, cultural, political and economic aspects of the issue from different aspects in the fields of social sciences (including education, health, management, city, environment, agriculture etc.). Hence, we welcome original and in-depth academic studies focusing directly on the “Post-Pandemic Society” question to the 35th issue of the İnsan ve İnsan Journal.

Prof. Dr. H. Emre Bağce
Publishing Director / Editor in Chief

P.S.: The manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the Journal’s Ethical Principles and Publication Policy, and Writing Rules.