Issue 36: Metaverse – Utopian and Dystopic Future?

Issue 36
Topic: Metaverse – Utopian and Dystopic Future?
Issue Editor: Dr. Mustafa Ali Minarlı
Release Date: July 2023
Submission Date:
 15 March 2023
End: 15 April 2023

Call for Paper

With the Metaverse which is seen as communal reality becoming one higher level of digitalization, the limits of the virtual world become equal to the physical world. Humanity and community and the nature are transitioning toward the virtual world. In this direction, a lot of elements in social life, from culture to politics, the economy to art, everyone finds their place in the Metaverse space as a part of capitalist exchange relations. The understandings, concepts and organizations that made the known world meaningful in this spatiality, where users feel more in-depth with the experience of time and space created digitally through VR equipment, augmented reality (AR), smartwatches and smart glasses, seem to take on different content.

This issue aims to problematize what kind of future the change in question we are at the beginning of leads us to. Metaverse aims to reveal the consequences of digitalization that covers almost all of social reality, which can be seen as utopian or dystopian in terms of humans, society and nature. Therefore, how the philosophical, ideological, technical (social, cultural, political, economic, legal) background of this process is knitted; what actors, firms, institutions and states do; issues such as who might be the winners and losers now or in the future remain to be explored.

We are waiting for original and objective studies that focus on this problem from social, political, cultural or economic views, and contribute to the academic literature for the 36th issue of the Journal of İnsan ve İnsan, titled “Metaverse – Utopic or Dystopian future?”.

Dr. Mustafa Ali Minarlı
Issue Editor

P.S.: The manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the Journal’s Ethical Principles and Publication Policy, and Writing Rules.