38th Issue: Culture Problem of Turkey

Issue 38
Topic: Culture Problem of Turkey
Release Date: July 2024
Submission Date
Start: 15 March 2024
End: 31 March 2024

Call for Paper

In the broadest sense, culture covers the material or spiritual, positive or negative all the production and accumulation of humanity from the beginning to the present. Ibn Khaldun’s concept of umran shows the scope and depth of what we call culture or civilization (civilization). In this context, Freud’s refusal to distinguish between culture and civilization is striking. Many thinkers and intellectuals have devoted their lives to analyzing the intertwined structure of macro categories and institutions such as civilization, religion, science, technology, and ideology. In some cases, it has become difficult to distinguish these categories from each other, and as we try to separate them, our mental world of meaning has perhaps become more ambiguous and complex rather than refined.

In the 38th issue of the Journal of İInsan ve İnsan, titled Culture Problem of Turkey, we plan to address the issue of culture within a multidimensional framework.

There are several reasons to focus on such a topic. First of all, the behavior of individuals to each other in daily life, the social relations they establish and the numerous results of these relations show how vital culture production and accumulation as well as insufficient cultural production or cultural deterioration are for societies. At the very foundation of relations, whether individuals or subjects act in accordance with mutual etiquette, rules of law, fundamental rights and obligations necessitates addressing this issue. For example, we can observe that we do not talk about obligations and responsibilities to the extent that we emphasize rights and freedoms in daily life in Turkey. We may be reluctant to comply with minimum norms, including honesty, in our behavior towards other people and segments of society at the individual and collective level. Whether we have a common social contract about coexistence also seems rather ambiguous.

In Turkey, a culture problem makes itself felt deeply in all areas of social life and in the functioning of institutions, as well as one-to-one relationships. From the socialization of individuals to education, from business life to family life, from science to art, from the application of social norms to the behavior of public institutions and political actors, the problems of culture stand before us like a giant iceberg. However, we don’t even look at the visible part of the iceberg enough, let alone the invisible part.

Some topics on Turkey’s cultural problem:

– Historical and social dimensions of the cultural issues in Turkey
– Studies on culture in academic and intellectual terms
– Turkey’s existing or non-existent cultural policies
– Cultural education and socialization problems in Turkey
– Opportunities and negativities in the production and transfer of culture
– Social norms, etiquette and culture in Turkey
– The culture of co-existence in Turkey
– The problem of culture in education and science
– The problem of culture in art
– Beliefs, religious practices and culture in Turkey
– Communication culture in Turkey
– Culture about environment, nature and animals in Turkey
– Turkey’s deep-rooted cultural problems in daily life, trade, labor relations, production and consumption, morality, politics, media, law and health

We are waiting for original studies that are suitable for the spirit and scope of this issue, and contribute to the academic literature for the 38th issue of the Journal of Insan ve Insan, titled “Culture Problem of Turkey”.

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