What will the Future Bring? Work, Digitalization and Social Protection under Society 5.0

Danijela Bagarić / Valentina Franca

Abstract: Digitalization, the process of converting information into a digital format, further develops people’s behaviour, skills and knowledge, especially that of digital natives, to use digital applications and technology. Society 5.0 may be too vague to function strategically, but it does place us at the centre of the ongoing technological revolution, and better facilitates proactivity. Globally, men generally participate in labour markets more than women, but this gender gap in participation rates has been sharply declining in recent decades. Turkey’s significant structural and social change of late is expected to make it easier for women to enter the labour market, but their participation in the labour market is still low.

Keywords: Digitalization, Society 5.0, Labour market, Women, Turkey

Danijela Bagarić / Valentina Franca
DOI: 10.29224/insanveinsan.977145
Year 8, Issue 30, Fall 2021

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