People to Come or Society 5.0: The Idea of Protecting Society in the Context of the Relationship between Searching for Truth and Fabulation

Sinan Kürkçü

Abstract: In this article, it is examined how social protection, essentially the idea of protecting society with a wider perspective, can be shaped depending on the process called Society 5.0. Accordingly, the changing conditions of thought and knowledge are pointed out with the conceptualization of people to come. A view of the relationship between people to come and the idea of protecting society is presented in terms of the changing conditions of thought and knowledge. It is problematized how people to come can be shaped in the context of social protection with the developments of Society 5.0 and what kind of social perspective it can produce. The relationship of thought production with the conditions of knowledge, in other words, the issue of determining scientific research and technological development as a priority social horizon today has been evaluated in terms of understanding social protection with new scientific and social conditions. In this case, it is aimed to understand a point of view expressed by the convergence of the concepts of searching for truth and fabulation, in the context of the idea of protecting the society. As a result, the relationship of digital-based sociality with social protection is pointed out in terms of the development of the idea and practices of protection that a transformative social design can carry in the direction of common goods.

Keywords: People to come, Society 5.0, Searching for truth, Fabulation, Social protection

Sinan Kürkçü
DOI: 10.29224/insanveinsan.971993
Year 8, Issue 30, Fall 2021

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