Considering the Climate Crisis from the Turkish Media Framework

Seçil Özay / Süheyla Nil Mustafa

Abstract: Especially in situations such as climate change, where its effects are felt globally and each individual must comply with the recommended measures, the news broadcast is of importance. The news based on the right sources and edited by expert journalists will contribute to the development of responsibility in this vital issue that will determine the future of the world. The framing of climate crisis news in terms of problems, solutions and levels of responsibility is of great importance both for the determination of individual and social reactions and for the realization of social responsibility and action. The research focuses on mass media, which widely broadcast for the general audience in Turkey, and the news on the climate crisis in the online news sites will be analyzed in the context of news framing theory. Due to the fact that the online news is open to interaction and can be easily accessed by a wide range of audience, the news samples to be analyzed were determined by scanning online news sites.

Keywords: Framing theory, the Climate crisis, News, News framing, Climate crisis news

Seçil Özay / Süheyla Nil Mustafa
DOI: 10.29224/insanveinsan.1104362
Year 9, Issue 33, Summer 2022

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