Global Dimensions in Social Protection: Problems and Main Discussions

Abdulkadir Şenkal

Abstract: Globalization has significant financial positive potential for higher growth, employment levels, living standards and social protection, triggered by rapid technology transfers, rapid investment pace and global information access, among other factors. However, its benefits are unevenly distributed within and between countries. This situation creates serious problems for both developed and developing countries. Therefore, social protection is a concept that causes serious deficits in the globalization process. At the beginning of the twentieth century, as new social protection programs began to be adopted by Western countries, the scope and importance of the need for social welfare became more debatable. These discussions intensified in the years after World War II and became widespread in both developed and developing countries, emerging in the form of issues affecting funding, targets, management and scope.

Keywords: Social protection, Global social protection, Social policy, Poverty, Global social policy

Abdulkadir Şenkal
DOI: 10.29224/insanveinsan.975449
Year 8, Issue 30, Fall 2021

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