Change of the Workplace in the Age of Digitalization: Causes and Consequences

Abdulah Erol

Abstract: One of the most important effects of digitalisation in the field of labor law is that it eliminates the obligation to do the job in a specific physical space. Many jobs can now be done anywhere, thanks to virtual platforms or environments created over the internet. Although there are positive aspects of working in the virtual workplace, it causes problems that are difficult to overcome, especially in the field of labor law. New ways of working such as crowdwork and crowdsourcing, which emerged as a result of technological developments in the field of telecommunications, virtualized the workplace and caused many regulations established on the classical workplace concept in labor laws to become inapplicable. It is not possible for labor law, whose main purpose is to create an equitable environment between the employee and the employer, to ignore this development and to remain indifferent to the use of the change in the concept of the workplace in a way that will abolish the rights of the employees.

Keywords: Digitalisation, Workplace, Crowdworking, Crowdsourcing, Gig economy

Abdulah Erol
DOI: 10.29224/insanveinsan.963201
Year 8, Issue 30, Fall 2021

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