Competition among Political Groups and Political Party Formation Issue in the First Assembly

Buşra Erimli

Abstract: In this article, the reasons for the emergence of political groups in the First Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the debates on political parties, the effects and qualifications of the groups are examined. Thus, it is aimed to reveal the importance and influence of political parties and groups in the Parliament. During the establishment of the Grand National Assembly, it was promised to avoiding from partisanship, however it was not possible in practice. The fact that deputies with different political views, representing various social strata in the Parliament, took the floor separately, caused the decision-making process to be prolonged and almost stopped. This issue was tried to be overcome by establishing political groups, and the First Anatolian and Rumelian Defense of Rights Society was established, which won the majority in the Parliament. The First Group has been influential in the decision-making processes in the assembly. Some opponents outside the First Group united and formed the Second Anatolian and Rumelian Anatolian and Rumelian Defense of Rights Society. It was seen that the Second Group influenced the decision-making processes and acted like the opposition party by establishing control over the First Group.

Keywords: The First Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Anatolian and Rumelian Defense of Rights Society, Political party, Political group, Opposition

Buşra Erimli
DOI: 10.29224/insanveinsan.1143386
Year 9, Issue 34, Fall 2022

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