From Metaphysics to Metaverse: Is the Virtual Age a New Middle Age?

Murat Bahadır

Abstract: Throughout history, man has aimed to improve his environment and himself. In this process, every age shaped by the knowledge and technologies acquired by man has been described as dark or light according to the characteristics they exhibit. In these characterizations, reaching or not reaching the ideals that people desire has been effective. At the point reached today, the disappointment caused by failing to develop himself and the environment he lives in with his own mind effectively shapes the virtual age that people are on the threshold of. In this context, the study aims to discuss whether the virtual age has the potential to turn into a new dark age waiting for humanity in line with its similarities with the Middle Ages. For this purpose, in this study, in which the method of comparing the features that characterize the Middle Ages and the virtual age is used, the similarities established between the two eras are as follows: It replaces metaphysics by the Metaverse universe, the sinful human being replaced by the imperfect human, the disconnection with the past culture and the monopolization of knowledge. In the context of these similarities established with an original point of view, in the conclusion part of the study, the attitude that should be taken against the dangers that await people in the virtual age is discussed.

Keywords: Virtual age, Metaverse, Middle Ages, Artificial intelligence, Inbot

Murat Bahadır
DOI: 10.29224/insanveinsan.1277808
Year 10, Issue 36, Summer 2023

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